My Massage Style

I have developed a therapeutic massage routine using a variety of techniques learned from massage school, other therapists and continuing education courses, which I modify according to each client’s needs.  One thing that remains constant is my calm, non-judgmental demeanor, and even people who have a hard time relaxing are able to do so during a massage session with me.

The body is an amazing machine composed of parts that are all connected, therefore I feel it is beneficial to give a thorough, head-to toe massage. Of course, I always spend more time on a person’s problem areas and skip areas that a client specifies they do not want me to work on. The client remains draped (covered with a sheet) at all times, only their head and the area that is being worked are exposed.

Creating a Quiet Space

I never leave home without my iPod, which contains over 19,000 songs, including a large amount of relaxing, new age and spa themed music. Please let me know if there is any particular type of music or artist that you prefer. (I once had a client that had me play Elvis during the massages!) In addition to any music preferences, I use a non-irritating cream with no added fragrance, however I love to add fragrances at the clients’ request! I have a wide array of essential oils, so please let me know if there are any particular scents that you enjoy.

All Mobile – Central Florida

I am happy to come to you! Whether you’re at home, the office, a hotel, hospital, or practically anywhere in Central Florida, I will come, fully equipped with my comfortable massage table or chair, and all other necessary materials needed to give you the perfect massage.

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