After years of experience in the field of massage therapy I have been privileged to work with some amazing clients. Here are some much appreciated testimonials and reviews of my service.

I have had several massages from this therapist. I have been very pleased with the quality of massage. She was very responsive to my request to pay special attention to my lower back. She also times the massage well so that she covers the full body (many therapists do not time well). Finally, this is minor, but I like the quality of lotion/gel that she uses…professional grade and not greasy! I have had many massages in many parts of the world and highly recommend her.
Henrick, HR Professional
Amanda Banks, LMT has been our personal Massage Therapist for more than 6 years. We tried several in home therapists and just didn’t find that comfort level. Amanda has always paid attention to our likes and dislikes and makes us comfortable in her presence. It’s nice to have someone so warm come into our home, set some soft music, light the candles and relax without leaving the house. Amanda is reliable, professional and courteous. Hands down, Amanda is the finest Massage Therapist in Southwest Orlando.
Mark & Debbie Garvey, Business Owners