Prenatal Massage

Massage is an ideal method used to alleviate the additional stresses on the body, and mind, that pregnant women experience. Not only does massage benefit the mother in a physical manner by relaxing the tension held in the back and leg muscles, it also benefits the baby by providing positive energy and attention (which the baby usually loves!)

My Prenatal Massage is similar to my Swedish Massage, but gentler and with a few modifications.

During the first trimester, I do not perform abdominal massage, however, during the second and third trimesters I do perform a very light abdominal massage. Also during the second and third trimesters, I do not lay the mother prone (face down). Instead, I have her lay on her side with a pillow to lean on. During the third trimester, it tends to also be uncomfortable for the mother to lay supine (face up) on the table, so I prop her up to a modified, almost seated, position for that portion of the massage.

I do not use tapotement (chopping, tapping) strokes on pregnant women.

Some of the many benefits of Prenatal Massage Therapy

Many studies indicate that prenatal massage therapy can have a host of physical, mental, and emotional health benefits for both the mother and the baby.

  • Reduce anxiety
  • Lessen symptoms of depression
  • Relieve muscle aches and tension
  • Improve labor outcomes
  • Enhance joint function
  • Enhanced circulation
  • Improve newborn health

The benefits of high quality prenatal massage therapy are vast, and should be considered when deciding to invest in the health of you and your baby!

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